Report Water Quality

Note: If this is an emergency (what may be an immediate threat to public safety or the environment) please contact the PADEP Emergency Response Program South-Central at 1-866-825-0208. The Department of Environmental Protection’s mission during emergencies and disasters is to respond quickly and professionally to any incident which adversely affects the health and safety or the environment of the citizens of the Commonwealth. First on-scene is usually the Environmental Emergency Response Team whose members are highly trained, experienced emergency first responders.

If there is a fish kill, please contact PA Fish and Boat Commission at 1-855-FISH-KIL (855-347-4545). Click here for more info.

Thank you for reporting a Water Quality problem. This form will be sent to the appropriate contact in each municipality, therefore it is important to identify where the problem has occurred. If you are unsure of what municipality (location) the problem is in, please type in a nearby address into the Interactive Map found on this website. Your input is valuable in eliminating pollution and illicit discharges from entering our local waterways.

Please provide your contact information if you would like a response to this report or are willing to provide more information (if needed) about this Water Quality problem

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