Duncansville Memorial Park


8th Avenue, Duncansville, PA

The northern section of Duncansville Memorial Park offers an opportunity to capture street, parking lot, and roof runoff and convert areas to stormwater BMPs. A project here would complement previous restoration/signage efforts of Blair Gap Run.

Partner Information

Duncansville Borough is the landowner and partner for this project.  The Borough is roughly 0.5 square miles with two streams (Gillian’s Run and Blair Gap Run) that border the north and south Borough boundaries before Blair Gap Run cuts through the Borough, exiting at the northern-most boundary (and through Duncansville Memorial Park).

The Borough’s current Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance (August 21, 2013) is available in hard-copy format from the Borough.  Designs are expected to comply with the base standards and provisions. As this site is on the Borough’s land, fees are not applicable.

The Borough will make available their Highway Department staff resources (staff and staff-operated equipment, on a limited, as-available basis) for small-scale excavation and similar activities.

Geographic Information

Municipality: Duncansville Borough
Nearest Stream: Blair Gap Run
Stream Proximity to site: Stream on-site
Local Watershed Name: Blair Gap Run

Site Information

Site Ownership: Public
Visibility: Medium-High
Site Users: Dog walkers, fishers, general public
Site Size (approx): 1.9 acres including 8th Ave, 1.5 acres excluding 8th Ave; adjacent to ~700 linear feet of stream
Percent Impervious: 30%, excluding road; 50% including road
Potential opportunities: Redirecting road runoff, curb cuts, downspout disconnect, expanding riparian buffer, pervious pavers, bioretention, beautification, revitalization


Site Photos

Existing Site Features

Duncansville Memorial Park was built in 1980. The Borough has a draft Park Site Improvement Plan (June 2015) that identifies the overall vision for updates to this resource. Designs should consider new and revitalized features of this draft plan in the design (which is a very small portion of the park area).

Please note existing park features and facilities at the design site that need to be maintained or improved:

  1. Basketball court and adjacent “presentation deck”
  2. Newly –seeded area (currently just filled with mulch)
  3. Existing playground with equipment
  4. Pavilion
  5. Parking (expanded)
  6. Grill Pavilion (just north of the foot bridge)

Environmental Characteristics

Floodplain Designation: AE (flood hazard area, subject to inundation by 1% annual chance flood/100 year flood)
Soil on-site (SSURGO)100% Ba: Basher soils
Geological Formations: Keyser and Tonoloway; Onondaga and Old Port
Dominant Rock Type: Limestone
Other Rock Types: Shale, Calcareous shale, Sandstone

Neighborhood Information

Walkscore.com18 out of 100 rating (Car Dependent: Almost all errands require a car) – Note: Walkscore does not pick up the Memorial Park in its system, so the score should be higher.

2010 Census Block Group: 011100-2

  • Population: 839
  • House units: 382
  • Race: 98.5% white, 0.2% Hispanic, 0.4% Black, 0.2% Asian, 1% other
  • Median Household Income: $49,643
  • Land Area: 0.36 square miles
  • Pop density: 2330/sq mile

Proximity to closest school: Hollidaysburg Area School District: Foot of Ten Elementary School (1.5 miles driving).