Upper Moshannon Creek


Nearly all of the 35 square mile Upper Moshannon Creek watershed is located in Centre and Clearfield counties. However, a small section of the watershed’s headwaters are located in Snyder Township.

Moshannon Creek itself is 57.4 miles long and serves as the boundary between Centre and Clearfield counties. The creek is known for its reddish-orange rocks and water, and is commonly called the “Red Moshannon” or “Red Mo.” The unusual coloration is caused by iron compounds that drain into the creek from old, nearby mining operations.  The pollution from this abandoned mine drainage (AMD) makes the waters acidic, which is harmful to fish and other wildlife.

Moshannon Creek and its tributaries flow north until Moshannon Creek empties into the West Branch of the Susquehanna River.

How can I help protect the Moshannon Creek Watershed?