Plum Creek


Plum Creek is a 17 square mile watershed contained within southeastern Blair County. It covers 90% of Martinsburg Borough, 50% of Taylor Township, and 25% of North Woodbury Township. The watershed also crosses small sections of Huston Township and Roaring Spring Borough. A tiny portion of State Game Lands 147 intersects with the watershed. Agriculture accounts for around 65% of the watershed’s land use, with forests constituting around 30% and urban/suburban development 5%.

Plum Creek is a spring-fed stream that flows for 7.5 miles through a relatively rural watershed. It flows north and then northwest, before emptying into Halter Creek adjacent to State Road 36. The lower section of Plum Creek has been identified as a Class A stream for Naturally Reproducing Wild Trout. However, in 2002 the last mile of Plum Creek was listed as impaired due to excess runoff and sediment entering the creek.

How can I help protect the Plum Creek Watershed?


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