Piney Creek


Piney Creek is a 25 square mile watershed located in southeastern Blair County. The watershed covers 50% of Huston Township and 33% of Woodbury Township. A tiny portion of the watershed’s headwaters are located in North Woodbury Township. The dominant land uses are agriculture and forested lands. The watershed also contains portions of State Game Lands 147. Substantial portions of Piney Creek’s flow is developed by large springs based in limestone aquifers.

Piney Creek runs south to north through the watershed, meandering along Lock Mountain and flowing past the villages of Clappertown, Royer, and Wertz for approximately 13 miles before emptying into the Frankstown Branch of the Juniata River. The lower portion of the creek is labeled Class A for Wild Brown Trout, making it a prime destination for fishermen. However, the PA Fish and Boat Commission has noticed increased sedimentation and a decrease in trout density in the creek in recent years.

How can I help protect the Piney Creek Watershed?


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