Clearfield Creek


Only a very small portion of the 106 square mile Clearfield Creek Watershed falls within Blair County- the majority of it lies within Cambria County to the west, while the northernmost tip of the watershed is part of Clearfield County. Most of the limited area that does cross into Blair County is in Logan Township. Laurel Run is the tributary that passes through Logan Township on its way to Clearfield Creek. There are also slivers of the Clearfield Creek Watershed that intersect Antis Township and Allegheny Township.

Clearfield Creek, for which the watershed is named, is a 73 mile-long tributary to the West Branch of the Susquehanna River.  It joins the West Branch near Clearfield Borough in Clearfield County. The creek is labeled a warm water fishery. However, the watershed also faces pollution from abandoned mining operations, known as “abandoned mine drainage.” These old mining sites leach iron, aluminum, and other metals into local streams.

How can I help protect the Clearfield Creek Watershed?


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