Bob’s Creek


Bob’s Creek is a 46 square mile watershed located mainly in Bedford County. However, the northernmost section of the watershed lies within Blair County, and another small portion is located in Cambria County to the west.

The Blair County part of the watershed encompasses around 25% of western Greenfield Township. This means Bob’s Creek Watershed is found at Blair County’s southwestern tip.  Parts of State Game Lands 26 are located within the watershed. Forests account for around 70% of land use in the watershed, followed by agriculture at around 20%. Logging is therefore a significant industry in the watershed.

Bob’s Creek is a tributary of Dunning Creek, which drains into the Raystown Branch of the Juniata River. Local Bob’s Creek tributaries found within the Blair County part of the watershed include Diamond Run and Piper Hollow.

How can I help protect the Bob’s Creek Watershed?


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