Bells Gap Run


The Bells Gap Run Watershed is found in the northwest part of Blair County, as well as parts of Cambria County. This 23 square mile watershed occupies 40% of Bellwood Borough and 30% of Antis Township. It also passes through the northwest corner of Logan Township. Large sections of State Game Lands 108 and 156 are found within the watershed. Over 90% of the watershed is made up of forested land.

Tributaries within the watershed include Green Springs Run, Kelso Run, and Shaw Run. These water bodies enter Bells Gap Run and then flow east to Bell Gap’s confluence with the Little Juniata River.

Drinking Water Supplies in this Watershed

The Bells Gap Run Reservoir, fed by Bells Gap Run, is located in this watershed. This reservoir is operated by Altoona Water Authority, which provides clean drinking water to thousands of people in Blair County. Click here to learn more about Blair County Drinking Water and what your role is in preventing drinking water pollution.

How can I help protect the Bells Gap Run Watershed?


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