Beaverdam Creek


The Beaverdam Creek Watershed is located in the southernmost part of Blair County, with its southern half located in Bedford County.  It total, the watershed covers 23 square miles. The Blair County section of the watershed encompasses about 25% of Greenfield Township.  A small portion of State Game Lands 41 is found within the watershed. The primary land use in the watershed is forest, followed by agriculture and then urban/suburban development. As a result, significant timber harvesting occurs within the watershed. The area is also experiencing development pressure, particularly along the Route 220 and I-99 corridors.

Major tributaries within the watershed include Smokey Run, Boiling Springs Run, Pine Run, and Beaverdam Creek. Beaverdam Creek flows in a northeast direction from Bedford County into Blair County.

How can I help protect the Beaverdam Creek Watershed?


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