Tyrone Township


Tyrone Township is found in the northeast section of Blair County. The township is surrounded by Snyder Township, Catharine Township, Frankstown Township, Logan Township and Antis Township. It also borders the Huntingdon County line to the northeast. Tyrone Township encompasses nearly 42 square miles of land and had a population of 1,885 in 2010.

Brush Mountain, a nearly continuous mountain ridge, forms much of the township’s western border. The ridge makes a sharp loop around the southern end of the township, creating the township’s distinctive shape. Much of Tyrone Township’s developed areas are found in the Sinking Valley, nestled between the two arms of the mountain ridge.  The Sinking Run watershed covers the majority of the township, but the Little Juniata River watershed also passes through its southern and northern ends.

Drinking Water Supplies in this Municipality

The Kettle reservoir, which is east of Altoona and at the southern end of the municipality, is fed by Kettle Creek. This reservoir is operated by Altoona Water Authority, which provides clean drinking water to thousands of people in Blair County. Click here to learn more about Blair County Drinking Water and what your role is in preventing drinking water pollution.

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