Snyder Township


Snyder Township is situated at the northern tip of Blair County and completely surrounds Tyrone Borough.  The township shares borders with Antis Township, Tyrone Township, the Centre County line to the north, and the Huntingdon County line to the east.  Snyder Township encompasses an area of approximately 45 square miles and was home to a population of 3,300 people in 2010.

Most of the township lies within the Bald Eagle Creek watershed. The creek hugs the eastern edge of the township (which is formed by the crest of Bald Eagle Mountain) before emptying into the Little Juniata River. The I-99 corridor also follows this route.

Other watersheds in Snyder Township include the Little Juniata River, Tipton Run, and a small portion of Upper Moshannon Creek.

Drinking Water Supplies in this Municipality

Tyrone Reservoir is located along Sink Run in Snyder Township. This reservoir is the primary surface water intake for the Tyrone Borough Water Department and provides clean drinking water to thousands of people in Blair County. Click here to learn more about Blair County Drinking Water and what your role is in preventing drinking water pollution.

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