Martinsburg Borough


Martinsburg Borough is situated in southeastern Blair County and is completely surrounded by North Woodbury Township.  The borough encompasses an area of 0.6 square miles and is home to nearly 2,000 people. Martinsburg was incorporated as a Borough in 1832. The Borough is located in the Morrison’s Cove section of Blair County, which is a valley located between Tussey Mountain to the east and Dunning, Loop, and Lock Mountains to the west.

The Plum Creek watershed covers most of Martinsburg Borough, and Plum Creek itself crosses through the borough’s western half. A tiny portion of the Clover Creek watershed also crosses the east side of the borough. The borough recently completed a town revitalization project that added a street clock, solar lampposts, and welcome banners to the town center, and replaced hundreds of feet of sidewalk. Martinsburg also opened its new recycling center in 2013.

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