Juniata Township


Juniata Township is located in the southwestern part of Blair County along the Cambria County border.  The township is bordered by Greenfield Township, Freedom Township, and Allegheny Township.  Juniata Township encompasses 26.1 square miles of land and is home to just over 1,000 people. The majority of the township is forest and farmland; there is a small area of suburban development in the northern part of the town.

The township of Juniata lies along the Allegheny Front, which is a major escarpment that runs along the edge of the Allegheny Mountains. Some of the township’s tributaries include Blair Gap Run, Bob’s Creek, Poplar Run, Blue Knob Run, and Adam’s Run.

Drinking Water Supplies in this Municipality

Three reservoirs are located in Juniata Township. The Blair Gap and Plane 9 reservoirs are fed by Blair Gap Run. A third reservoir in the same vicinity, the Muleshoe, is fed by Adams Run and Blair Run. These reservoirs are operated by the Hollidaysburg Borough Authority and the Altoona Water Authority, which provides clean drinking water to thousands of people in Blair County. Click here to learn more about Blair County Drinking Water and what your role is in preventing drinking water pollution.

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