Hollidaysburg Borough


Hollidaysburg Borough is located in central Blair County, and was therefore chosen as the county seat in 1846. Hollidaysburg is positioned directly on the banks of the Beaverdam Branch, seven miles south of Altoona.  This small community is surrounded by Blair Township, Allegheny Township, and Frankstown Township. Hollidaysburg encompasses 2.4 square miles of land and is home to nearly 5,800 people. The center of the borough is mainly urban/suburban, with its outer edges containing some forests and open fields.

Hollidaysburg was first established in 1796 due its location on the Beaverdam Branch.  The town became the main transfer point between the Pennsylvania Canal and the Portage Railroad. Being a crossover point for waterways and railways, Hollidaysburg became a center of industrial and commercial development in the 1830s.  Hollidaysburg was formally established as a borough in 1836. Today, the borough is still a bustling commercial center with US Route 22 running through it.

The borough is located almost entirely within the Beaverdam Branch watershed. Local recreational activities include hiking the Alleghenies, exploring Canoe Creek State Park and Canal Basin Park, and visiting the Discovery Garden, which was created to educate people of all ages about ecology.

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