Blair Township


Blair Township is situated in south-central Blair County, Pennsylvania and encompasses an area of approximately 9,000 acres with a population of slightly less than 5,000.  The Township’s land features include numerous steep ridges and other high points, e.g. Catfish Ridge and a portion of Locke Mountain.  Waterways within and immediately impacting Blair Township include the Frankstown Branch of the Juniata River, and to a lesser extent the Beaverdam Branch of this same river.  Blair Township is well served by several significant transportation routes including Routes 36 and 220, U.S. Route 22, and I-99.

Overwhelmingly residential in nature, Blair Township is a serene and safe environment, free of major crime and thus a popular municipality in which to raise families in a rural/suburban setting.  Although not blessed with major water-based recreational facilities, there are a number of parks in adjacent municipalities available for relaxation, picnicking and field sports.  Additionally, the two waterways cited above feed the Juniata River and provide numerous fishing, boating and hiking opportunities.  Canoe Creek State Park and the huge Raystown Lake are major water-based recreational facilities also available within a very short commute.

The Township’s hilly topography exacerbates stormwater and runoff concerns.  The Township addresses these concerns via its active MS4 participation with surrounding municipalities. Blair Township also frequently collaborates with local watershed associations and promotes sound stormwater mitigation efforts–for example, Blair Township ordinances mandate the inclusion of stormwater mitigation features such as detention ponds.  Moreover, the Township has sponsored a major stream-related project on Poplar Run in conjunction with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Work is also ongoing on a smaller project, located along a small tributary behind the Township’s office building.

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